4.8% Growth of Asia Pacific Soil Fertility Testing Market during 2019-2027 with Top Company Profiles like SGS SA, Eurofins Scientific, ALS, Polytest Laboratories, Agrocares

The soil fertility testing market in Asia Pacific is expected to grow from US$ 897.04 million in 2021 to US$ 1,248.90 million by 2028; it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2021 to 2028. 

The Asia Pacific Soil Fertility Testing Market is growing along with the Food & Beverages industry. The Soil Fertility Testing is cultivated with the help of organic matter without the incorporation of artificial fertilizers or harmful chemicals. The importance of organic farming has been understood with the wake of alarming health issues and rising focus toward healthy lifestyle. Soil Fertility Testing allows retention of essential nutrients without hampering the nutritional aspect of the product.

The application of fertilizers, especially the synthetic ones, leads to liberation of harmful gases into the atmosphere, which harms the environment. As a result, various countries have imposed several rules to prohibit the emission of such harmful gases into the atmosphere. For instance, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates domestic and imported food products that are marketed in interstate commerce; it ensures the safety, hygiene, nutritional content, wholesomeness of food as well as the appropriateness of product labels.

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Soil fertility testing provides information about soil health and proper nutrition required by crops, as well as information on chemicals applied to soil and their effects on the same. Soil contamination is projected to have a detrimental impact on the native ecology, including plants and humans. Toxic substances in the soil can degrade soil fertility and diminish soil yield.

Major Companies are- SGS SA, Eurofins Scientific, ALS, Polytest Laboratories, Agrocares

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