The earthquake of 5.3 magnitude in western China created an atmosphere of fear. People stayed out of their homes for hours fearing the aftershocks.
The earthquake affected western China. The earthquake affected Gunsu Prefecture and Qinghai Prefecture without reports of any injuries or serious damage. A railway tunnel was damaged in Lanzhou, Gunsu Province. As a result, all trains from that city were cancelled. Four people were injured in the earthquake that followed the earthquake. According to the China News Agency, the epicenter of the quake was reported at a depth of 10 kilometers in the mountains. AP Center is situated at an altitude of 6 meters above sea level.
Damage survey was done in the earthquake affected areas. There was no major damage other than cracks in the buildings. Around 300 rescuers have been sent to the earthquake-hit area. 200 employees were put on standby for fear of shock. The Chinese government said the provinces were sparsely populated and had not suffered any significant damage. After the earthquake, videos of the incident were posted on social media, showing the intensity of the earthquake with broken windows, cracks in buildings, etc.