Two arrested for alleged truck break-in

Two Manomet men are under arrest after their alleged attempt to steal from a truck was foiled.

Michael Feinstein, 30, of Penny Lane was spotted allegedly taking a bag with power tools and other items from a work truck parked on Yawl Road just after midnight on Sunday, according to Captain John Rogers. The owner of the truck gave chase and struggled with Feinstein, Roger said. Feinstein’s alleged accomplice, Matthew Faucett, 31, of Manomet then, Rogers said, allegedly drove his own car towards the victim before the two fled.

The victim was able to get the plate number of that car, which police used to track down the suspects. Both are charged with breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, and larceny over $250. Feinstein is also charged with assault and battery, stemming from the fight. Faucett is also charged with assault with a dangerous weapon for allegedly driving the car towards the victim.

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