35 keyboard shortcuts in Windows to save time when using the PC

When using the PC, users can use the mouse and browse the options, or if we want to get the most out of it, use keyboard shortcuts, ideal not having to search from the screen, especially when you know them by heart.

And it is that the great handicap with which this formula has to perform actions on the PC is that many of these controls by means of keys are either unknown or we have forgotten them. And that’s why we’re going to make a list with lots of possible key combinations with which to improve productivity when performing the same tasks but faster.

Keyboard shortcuts, the great unknown

Ctrl + A: to select all the text on the page. CTRL + X: a classic of this combination to cut a text or a file and save it to the clipboard to share it later in another document. CTRL + C: if you just want to copy, without deleting the text or the source file, this is your command. CTRL + V: the command to use after cutting or copying a text or a hosted document to the clipboard. Ctrl + P: this key combination allows you to print a document or the page we are browsing. Win + D: with this key combination we will minimize all windows and leave the desktop uncovered. Ctrl + W: to minimize the window we are using just use this command. Windows + Up arrow: maximizes the window. Windows + Down Arrow: used to minimize the desktop window. Ctrl + Shift + T: with this combination we will recover the window that we have just minimized. Ctrl + Z: cancels any action previously performed. Ctrl + Y: as in exams, this key allows us to redo an action that we have already canceled with the previous command. Ctrl + F: this command allows us to search for a text in the window we are using. Ctrl + Shift + M: it is used to restore a minimized window and bring it back to full screen. Windows + I: one of the most useful, because it is used to open “Settings” in Windows 10. Alt + F4: this combination will close system windows and applications and also shut down the computer. Windows + A: to open the action center. Windows + Shift + C: Used to open the access button menu. Windows + Alt + D: Show and hide the date and time on the desktop. Windows + G: used to open the game bar with an open game. Windows + K – Provides access to the Connect quick action. Windows + O: Used to lock the orientation of the device. Windows + T: Scroll through the applications in the taskbar. Windows + U: used to open the Ease of Access Center. Windows + V: used to open the Clipboard if we have enabled it in the settings. Windows + Tab: with this command we can open the task view. Windows + E: This is the fastest way to open File Explorer. Alt + Tab: allows you to switch tabs in the browser. Win + C: ideal if you want to open Cortana quickly, although yes, this option must be enabled in Cortana’s settings. Win + S: Allows the mouse cursor to automatically move to Windows Finder. Alt + Left arrow goes back to a previous page Alt + Right arrow: like the previous one but to go forward. Print Screen: Another classic that takes a screenshot of your screen and saves it to the clipboard. Win + Print screen: like the previous one but automatically saves the captured capture in the screenshots folder. Windows + Shift + S: Take a screenshot of part of the screen. Windows key: opens the Start menu.

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