Brittany was just 16 when she gave birth to her first child

New Delhi Date. Thursday, August 12, 2021

A woman who is 32 years old and recently gave birth to her 12th child. Because of this she has become very popular and has shared her future plans and how many more children she has given birth through social media.

The incident is from Kansas City, USA. A woman named Brittany Church living there has given birth to her 12th child. About a week ago, he had announced the arrival of a baby girl through Tiktok. However, after his announcement, people started trolling him.

However, apart from answering her trolls, Britney has also announced her future plans. They have named their 12th child Rovin. According to Brittany, she doesn’t care what people think of her, how many kids she has. She is happy with her children. A user asked her if she was planning to have more children. In his reply, he said that this is not the last child.

Brittany and her husband Chris spend 23 230 a week looking after their 12 children. They buy 5 packets of cereals, 66 packets of milk per week. Brittany was just 16 when she gave birth to her first child.