LED bulbs, lamps and strips are already part of our daily lives thanks to their versatility, ease of use and good energy efficiency. If they are also smart, they offer us more options of use and remote control from our mobiles.

If we are thinking of renewing old light bulbs at home for new, more advanced and smart models, this week we are in luck, since Media Markt is celebrating Eco Week and offering juicy offers on the Philips Hue and Muvit iO brands.

This is a 3×2 discount on a selection of products from these manufacturers, being able to choose between 12 different devices in the case of Philips and a total of 23 different products in the case of Muvit iO, always with the same premise: we bought three products from each of the brands and they give us the one with the lowest amount when buying in the cart.

We cannot mix products from the two brands to obtain the discount and the offer will be valid until Sunday, February 13 at 9 a.m. What kind of products can we choose? Well, there is a bit of everything.

Offer 3×2 Phlips Hue and Muvit iO products

For example, if we opt for the Philips Hue ecosystem, we have the possibility of obtaining a starter kit with three bulbs, the control bridge and the remote control for 199 euros, with smart LED candle bulbs for 26.99 euros or with the Philips Hue Play, a smart decorative light bar for 58.99 euros.

LED candle – Philips Hue White thin base E14

If we opt for the Muvit iO brand, we have a little more variety, being able to opt for the Muvit iO A60 multicolored LED bulb for 14.99 euros, for the MIDFLOD001 Spotlight, a Bluetooth projector with multicolored LED light, Alexa and the Google assistant for 39.99 euros or for the 5-meter WiFi multicolored LED strip, compatible with voice assistants for 39.99 euros.

Muvit iO WiFi LED strip, 5 meters