New York, Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Hackers also have a world. These digital thieves collect ransom by stealing important data on the Internet or hacking websites. This ransom is mostly demanded in bitcoins. The US Department of Justice has seized digital cryptocurrencies worth over ₹3.6 billion. Bitcoin is contained within an encrypted network that is independent of commercial banks or central banks. With the help of encryption, the identity and transactions of the users are kept confidential. This digital currency is a favorite among hackers because bitcoin can be exchanged in a similar way all over the world.

Two people have been arrested in New York in 2016 for stealing cryptocurrency through hacking. The US Department of Justice has named the biggest cryptocurrency hacking scam. According to federal law officials, money was hacked from the BitPhoenix virtual currency exchange in 2016. The arrested couple are residents of Manhattan. At the end of the preliminary investigation, he was produced in the court. The couple used state-of-the-art techniques to hide their belongings by stealing currency through hacking. The action sparked a flurry of cryptocurrency criminals.

According to the information received, the value of hacked bitcoin in 2016 was 71 million, which was transferred to another wallet. At current prices it is over ₹4.5 billion. Investigators found a wallet containing more than 2,000 bitcoin accounts. This led to the success of the dark web market called Alpha.

The US Department of Justice banned the dark web market in 2017. The digital currency was used to track stolen amounts from more than a dozen accounts controlled by Liechtenstein, Morgan and their business. In 2016, Bit Phoenix was said to have hacked bitcoin with the intention of stealing it.