Although we always have a device like the Apple Watch with us, we never fully know it. The operating system has become more and more sophisticated, offering functions that are not always visible. With these 23 essential Apple Watch tricks and tweaks, we want to bring back the most interesting ones in this article.

The most notable tips and tweaks for your Apple Watch

Use and control the Apple Watch dock

On the side of the Apple Watch we have an elongated button. If we press it once, we will “invoke” the Apple Watch dock, which allows us to access certain applications. If on the iPhone we access the Watch > Dock application, we can choose how we want this button to react:

Recent: it will show us the applications that we have used recently. Favorites: we will see the applications that we have chosen, being able to add them to them.

The latter is particularly useful, since we can order the applications that we want to be always ready to open. It is advisable not to clutter this section with applications because the system keeps them ready to use without delay. Adding too much can drain your battery.

Go back to the clock after using an app

While using the Apple Watch, we may open an app and then forget about it. We can configure what will happen the next time we turn the wrist. Specifically, the time it will take for the clock to reappear or keep that last app open.

Organize the control center

The Control Center displays a certain order in its default settings. Now we can rearrange it and put it the way we want, to do this just swipe to the end of the menu and press edit. We can even delete some of those that we don’t want to appear on the list.

Remaining battery in AirPods and power saving mode

In the control center we can check how much battery the Apple Watch has. If we click on this indicator, we will also know what autonomy the AirPods connected to your iPhone have. And in addition, activate energy saving if desired.

Force Restart Apple Watch

It is usually not frequent, but if on some occasions our Apple Watch does not respond, it may be necessary to force a restart. To do this, simply press and hold the Digital Crown and Side button for at least 10 seconds. The white apple should appear on screen as soon as we reach it.

Advance the clock a few minutes

There are people who like to be a few minutes ahead of the clock. It is also possible to do this on the Apple Watch, from the watch itself, in Settings > Clock > +0. There we can choose to advance the time between 0 and 59 minutes.

Interprets clock ticking to turn when using Maps

Walking around the city using Maps and the Apple Watch has a trick few know about. When approaching a left or right turn, you will notice some vibrations. Depending on their motive, they will be for one side or the other:

Turn right: twelve hits in a row will be noticed. Turn to the left: you will notice six keys divided into three pairs.

Enable notifications for falls, irregular rhythm, heart rate and VO2

The Apple Watch has three functions to keep an eye on your health without you doing anything. You can check if you have enabled them this way:

Accidental falls: Go to the Watch app > Emergency SOS and activate fall detection. Irregular rhythm and aerobic capacity: Go to Notifications > Heart to activate both. Heart rate: In the same section, you will see low and high rate alerts below. Configure it within the limits that suit you.

Disable calls, notifications and timers with the palm of your hand

One of my favorite uses is being able to immediately silence the watch with the palm of your other hand. Regardless of the type of alert or sound emitted, placing your palm down will immediately turn off the device.

Even more tips for your Apple Watch

The number of tricks to handle the Apple Watch is huge. With the state of maturation of the platform, new functions have been added that must be known before you can enjoy them. And for that, here are 14 more tips for the Apple Watch:

On an Apple Watch Series 5, 6, or 7, you can completely turn off the screen with Sleep Mode or Theater Mode. You can wear the watch on your right wrist and reorient the watch to have the buttons on the left side. Do this from Watch > General > Orientation. You can change how apps are displayed and show them in a list from Settings > App layout. Hold two fingers on the screen and Siri will read the time to you. Make sure it’s not silent. In the apps view, long press to be able to rearrange the tile and choose which apps to remove. In Settings > Siri, turn on Raise to Speak. This way, you can activate the assistant without having to say “Hey Siri” or press the digital crown. The sundial allows you to move the hands with the digital crown. By doing so, we will see the different states that the sun goes through during the day. Use the Apple Watch camera app to focus photos with iPhone. Perfect for supporting it or using a tripod. When you listen to music on iPhone, you can control it from Apple Watch. On the clock above you will see a white balloon with a red triangle. Tap it to access its controls. Unlock your Mac simply by wearing the Apple Watch on your wrist. Do this in System Preferences > Security and enable the option with your watch. You can also use it to authenticate your password on your Mac. For example, to view Safari passwords, just double-tap the side button when prompted. You can send your custom watch faces to other contacts by holding down the watch face and pressing the corresponding button. If you want to stop your iPhone from ringing with every call, put it on silent and manage it from the clock. You can run some shortcuts from the app on the watch. Perfect to use the one that warns your contacts that you will be late.

Picture | Omar Al-Ghosson