Day: February 12, 2022

Russia will attack Ukraine on Wednesday: US warns

Washington, DTA credible US intelligence report claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin planned to invade Ukraine on Wednesday, February 15. However, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone to avoid war. On the other hand, the United States and European countries have asked their citizens to leave Ukraine within […]

Biden-Putin calling as Ukraine crisis intensifies

– The US Secretary of State hopes that the President of Russia will find a diplomatic solution to the issue instead of war Washington: A war can break out in Ukraine at any time. US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are likely to hold talks today (Saturday) after warnings from Western countries. […]

Biden orders release of 7 billion frozen in Afghanistan

The biggest challenge is to provide humanitarian aid to the Afghan people who have a government without international recognition. Washington: US President Joe Biden on Friday ordered the release of $7 billion in assets frozen in Afghanistan. Half of that amount will be given to humanitarian aid in poverty-stricken Afghanistan and half to the victims […]

India is facing many challenges, especially China

Geopolitical challenges have also been included in the US ‘Indo-Pacific-Strategic’ report Washington: ‘India is facing many challenges. In which the geopolitical challenges are also at their peak. On the other hand, it is facing special challenges from China regarding its LAC. The United States has said in its Indo-Pacific Strategic Report. The Strategic Report, released […]

Border situation due to China’s defiance of written agreements: S.K. Jaishankar

Many countries, especially Indo-Pacific countries are taking interest in India-China relations Melbourne: India-China relations were also discussed in the ongoing Quadrilateral Security Group Quad conference here. In addition, representatives of the member countries reviewed the situation in the surrounding countries. Addressing a joint press conference with Australian Foreign Minister Ms. Maris Payne at the end […]