Day: February 10, 2022

The freedom to say no

This person could fly or he must have flown once. In any case, his arms are still outstretched like clipped wings, his feet hover above the ground, but the sky, so often gray now, weighs on him. And his entire larger-than-life body, completely deindividuated, is covered in some kind of armor, restraints, rings that not […]

14 basic tips and tricks

Controlling our privacy is important. We use many applications and social networks on a daily basis that have access to a large amount of information about us. Among them, Facebook is perhaps one of the most familiar to us. Beyond the company itself, it is also essential to configure it correctly so that strangers cannot […]

Canada truck protests ‘exacerbate fragile supply chain issues’

The Canadian truckers protesting coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates have disrupted multiple U.S.-Canada border crossings, further paralyzing crucial trade routes and causing major automakers to suspend production. Arthur Wheaton, an expert on the automotive industry and director of labor studies at Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, says with a shortage of truck drivers in North America, […]