Day: January 28, 2022

China to build space center, satellite for Pakistan

(PTI) Beijing, Ta. 3 China today announced to increase space cooperation with Pakistan. Under which China will build a space station and meteorological satellite for Pakistan. In a white paper titled ‘China Space Program A 2031 Perspective’ released by the State Council or Central Cabinet, Pakistan has outlined several future plans for China’s growing space […]

470 apps were infected

2022 starts strong with malware. It starts with SMS banking scams, continues with a dangerous evolution of BRATA capable of formatting your phone and now we know from a report by Secureblink that there is new malware affecting 105 million Android phones worldwide . We will tell you how this malware works, which areas it […]

Long live the king

On February 13, the Federal President will be elected. Since Frank-Walter Steinmeier is running again as a candidate and has received the approval of almost all parties represented in the Bundestag, this time it is more of a wave of the hand. I don’t find the man (unlike his predecessor) unlikable at all, but in […]