Day: January 27, 2022

Hitting net-zero without stopping flying

Newswise — One of the largest producers of carbon emissions is air travel, yet many view flying as a necessary enabler of tourism and international business. One promising way for consumers to take responsibility for their carbon emissions are voluntary carbon offsets (VCOs), which offer air travellers the opportunity to make a small donation to […]

records do not include logistical crises

Apple today unveiled the results of its first fiscal quarter of 2022 and reassured all fearful investors: its revenues broke all records, increasing by 11% year on year to 123.9 billion dollars. Net income was $34,630 million, half of what Microsoft paid for Activision Blizzard. All of the company’s divisions exceeded investor expectations and grew, […]

Small joint with big impact

What are the consequences of cannabis use? Maximilian Gahr from Ulm University Hospital investigated this. A first conclusion of his study: frequent consumption can lead to addictions and mental disorders. Maximilian Gahr in conversation with Nicole Dittmer

will connect to the TV using DTS Play-Fi

When setting up a home theater system, one of the installation difficulties usually has to do with the audio cables from the amplifiers to the speakers. This is something that manufacturers are very aware of and in recent years they have focused on this aspect with the intention of offering a wireless system that solves […]