Day: January 21, 2022

Immune to Corona – It’s not just about antibodies

Antibodies are small proteins that adapt precisely to certain surface structures of a pathogen and deactivate it if they attach to it. They are effective, but the immune system has different ways of dealing with pathogens, explains immunologist Leif Erik Sander of Charité Berlin. “That’s a good thing, because infectious agents are also very different. […]

rare goods

Adele is believed to be partly to blame: the British superstar had an impressive 500,000 copies of her new album ’30’, released in November after a nearly six-year hiatus, pressed as a vinyl record. It’s a gigantic circulation these days, even if, like Adele, you got rid of 20 to 30 million sound carriers (mostly […]

12 killed, 3 injured in truck accident in Ghana

A truck laden with explosives has crashed in the African country of Ghana, killing at least 12 people and injuring six others. Also 200 nearby houses have been damaged. The truck hit the bike.In the African country of Ghana, a truck full of explosives collided with a bike, causing a major accident. 12 people died […]