Day: September 5, 2021

13 policemen killed, five injured in IS attack in Iraq

IS active in Iraq after Taliban capture IS militants opened fire on police at an outpost, launched massive search operation Baghdad: Terrorist organization IS has become active again in Iraq. Recently, 13 policemen have been killed in the ISIS terror attack. The terrorists who came to the post here opened indiscriminate fire. Five policemen were […]

Breaking the government of the African country Guinea, power in the hands of the army, sealing the borders

Military occupation of another country after Myanmar Heavy firing near Rashtrapati Bhavan in capital Conakry before coup kills three soldiers Conakry: The government of the West African country of Guinea has been dissolved and its borders sealed. The announcement came after the Guinean military took control of state television. Currently, there are ongoing tensions between […]

Florida attack kills 4, including baby

Swat vehicle where a sniper fired at several houses in Lakeland, Florida. Photo: Polk County Sheriff’s Office Four people, including a baby, were killed on Sunday in a shooting in Polk County, western Florida, when a man claiming to be a “survivor” shot at several homes. An 11-year-old girl was also shot and treated at […]

Indians killed 12 blacks in South Africa

He stopped the minibus and killed the cattle by unloading the black youths Crowds of fanatical Indians carrying bats, hockey sticks and iron rods clashed with blacks on the streets of Phoenix. Phoenix: In the South African city of Phoenix, the ongoing conflict between Indians and black citizens over the Jacob Zuma issue has turned […]

Police call column: "I have nothing !"

It would be good to know how many crimes are solved by confessions of alleged perpetrators. Statistics say nothing about it. But we can assume that these play a more important role. Because investigators can now fall back on very different interrogation strategies, scientifically developed. It’s pure psychology. In the brave Berlin crime scene “Machtlo […]