Day: August 31, 2021

New book from the Nobel Prize winner |

She was amazed when she received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2009: Herta Müller, who had fled Romania to Germany in front of the despot Nicolae Ceausescu, absolutely did not expect this honor. But the trophy belonged to her, because she was and is considered one of the most innovative and experimental artists of […]

We will kill if US-UK aides don’t surrender: Taliban

The end of America’s 20-year military war in Afghanistan, the last plane departed from Kabul With 200 Americans still trapped in Afghanistan and unable to leave the country, Taliban likely to fall victim As they left for the US, the Taliban opened fire and danced fireworks at Kabul airport Kabul: America has withdrawn all its […]

With two per thousand above the gender limit |

The tribulation is gone and it won’t come back either. After his 2018 album “Zores”, there was a silver lining that the musician would once again transform into the post-punk German sensation the music press wanted him to make in 2016 with his debut “Harieschaim”. But Max Gruber, whose real name is, even wants … […]