Day: August 30, 2021

Frankfurt “Tatort” stronger than the RTL trio

Berlin (dpa) – The start of the new “Tatort” season after the summer break gave the first Sunday night the prime-time quota victory. The Frankfurt thriller “Who Hesitates Is Dead” saw an average of 7.19 million by 8:15 am (22.9 percent). This time, Frankfurt TV commissioners Anna Janneke (Margarita Broich) and Paul Brix (Wolfram Koch) […]

what is it and how is it activated

Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3, its next-generation folding devices a few weeks ago. At the software level, they have some advantages over current Samsung models. One of the least discussed was battery protection, one of the most anticipated features of Samsung mobiles. This function, present in some mobile gaming […]

composer Siegfried Matthus dies |

Potsdam (AP) – Composer Siegfried Matthus, who had a decisive influence on musical theater in the GDR, has passed away. He died on Friday at the age of 87 from a long and serious illness in the presence of his wife Helga in his house in Stolzenhagen near Berlin in Brandenburg, as Freundeskreis Kammeroper Schloss […]