Day: August 27, 2021

US Rs. Weapons worth 6.40 lakh crores seized by Taliban

New York, Friday, August 27, 2021 The Biden administration’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan has drawn criticism around the world, while the Republican Party has not missed a single opportunity to attack the US government. Addressing a press conference in 2014-15, a former military officer who trained Afghan soldiers and police revealed several […]

Sergej Sergejewitsch Prokofjew: The changing |

Is it really the same composer? If you listen to the world famous musical fairy tale “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergei Prokofiev, then his “Scythian Suite”, the distillate of the unfinished ballet “Ala and Lolli”, then doubts may arise. But that was Prokofiev’s hallmark – suitable for every occasion and purpose, … Is it […]

Chinese heroine fined Rs 340 crore for tax evasion

New Delhi: Renowned Chinese actress Zheng Shuang has been fined Rs 340 crore (4.46 million) for tax evasion and failure to declare income in 2016 and 2017. The move comes as a movement launched by Beijing against celebrity culture. This Beijing is currently active in controlling fan culture and celebrity culture. In the wake of […]

Precarious anticipation |

When concerts are postponed again and again … Tickets remain valid! Whether it’s a threat or a promise, this mantra has traveled the concert circus big and small since March 2020, from supplier to artist to fan. corona break, live art is finally back Audience is possible, consider the above sentence and avoid the mountain […]