Day: August 23, 2021

China wants you to be anti-racist during ethnic cleansing

Communist regime under surveillance for placing Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps | Photo: BigStock China fully adheres to the cause of “anti-racism” and critical racial theory. At least China wants the United States on board. In a video produced by China Global Television Network, a state-owned media company controlled by the Communist Party of China, […]

Huna chief to postpone corona booster vaccination for two months

Honey appeals to reduce inequality in vaccine distribution and avoid new variants Governments worried about rising corona cases despite lockdown in Australia-Singapore Budapest: World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has called on the world’s leading countries to avoid giving booster doses for two months to reduce unequal distribution of the corona vaccine in […]

"Contrasts"-Man Jürgen Engert dead

Journalist Jürgen Engert has died, and according to the Berlin-Brandenburg TV channel, he died on Sunday at the age of 85. Engert, born and raised in Dresden, was considered a critical observer of East-West politics. As he was refused a place at the university in the GDR, he went first to Munich before the construction […]

Bild-TV and the German flag |

The case is already clear for the new Bild-TV: the chancellor can soon be only CDU boss Armin Laschet or SPD boss Olaf Scholz. Only these two best candidates were invited on Sunday to the questionnaire of the well-announced special program “The Night of the Chancellor”. And as once Björn Höcke (AfD), who in the […]