Day: August 22, 2021

Friendship with Taliban will hurt Pakistan in the long run

Islamabad and Beijing’s attempts to blow up America World-renowned political analysts have issued a stern warning about this crop. And the friendship of the Taliban will hurt China deeply BEIJING: Pakistan and China are desperately trying to give global recognition to the Taliban government in war-torn Afghanistan. Pakistan and China have many interests in Afghanistan, […]

Heavy rains claim dead and missing in Tennessee

How did you feel about this article? Heavy rains left dead and missing in Tennessee, southern United States | Photo: Reproduction / Twitter At least 22 people have died and dozens more are missing due to heavy rains and flooding over the weekend in central Tennessee in the southern United States, local officials said. The […]

US fears IS attack on Kabul airport

US citizens advised not to go to the airport US President’s face-off on Afghanistan: his own administration refutes his statement Washington: The Kabul airport gates were closed on Saturday and the US embassy advised US citizens to stay away from the airport, triggering panic among US citizens seeking to leave Afghanistan. US officials say Islamic […]

Seven Afghans killed in Taliban firing at Kabul airport

Kabul, Dte Fearing Taliban rule, Afghans, along with foreigners, are fleeing the country to save their lives. In a similar situation, seven people were killed in a Taliban attack trying to enter Kabul airport on Sunday. The Taliban, who dream of regaining power in Afghanistan after two decades, are describing themselves as more moderate this […]

Sikh pilgrims allowed to visit Kartarpur Sahib

New Delhi, 22nd August 2021 Sunday The good news for Sikh pilgrims is that they have been allowed to visit the Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara to celebrate the 31st death anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. However, they will have to follow the guidelines of Coro during this journey. The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) on […]

Hurricane Henry wreaked havoc in America,

Washington, Sunday 22 August 2021 Hurricane Henry reached Long Island, Connecticut, southeast Massachusetts on Saturday night. Heavy rains can also cause flooding in New England. According to scientists, Hurricane Henry has blown west. If it continues in this direction, the situation will worsen in East Long Island rather than New England. Earlier in 191 Hurricane […]

Moritzburg Festival 2021: First address again in Europe |

With Schubert’s sensitive song “An die Musik” and Mendelssohn’s furious string octet, this year’s chamber festival ended on Sunday in Moritzburg near Dresden. With a flexible concept, the team around cellist Jan Vogler has managed to offer an impressive series of high-level concerts, even in the difficult year 2021. With Schubert’s sensitive song “An die […]