Day: August 21, 2021

Hurricane Grace wreaks havoc in eastern Mexico

The property is facing heavy damage Mexico: Wind gusts have wreaked havoc in eastern Mexico with heavy rain and Hurricane Grace. The country’s most powerful storm in recent years has caused lightning and uprooted hundreds of trees in the Bay Area. Maximum wind speeds reached 12 mph (301 kph) in Grace Hurricane. Grace Hurricane was […]

US removes 3,800 people from Afghanistan in 24 hours

| Photo: EFE / EPA / STRINGER The US Department of Defense said on Saturday (21) that “in the past 24 hours” 3,800 people had been evacuated from Afghanistan, up from 17,000 since last week. Still, the agency acknowledges that the situation outside Kabul airport is still “extremely dynamic”. During a press conference, the Assistant […]

A man in Melbourne observes a fast every day to fulfill his promise to build a derasaari

Melbourne, Saturday, August 21, 2021 A magnificent Jain Derasar is being built in Melbourne, Australia under the rules of sculpture and scriptures. The foundation stone of the Jain Derasar was laid with the inspiration and spiritual guidance of Vallabhsuri Maharaja. Talking about this, says Nitinbhai Doshi, president of Melbourne Jain Association. Families living abroad 10,000 […]

Suicide attack on Chinese nationals in Pakistan: Two children killed

Islamabad, Ta. 21A suicide bomber attacked a bus carrying Chinese nationals in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. Two children died. After this, China pulled up the security arrangements of Pakistan.The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is under construction in Pakistan, where terrorist attacks are frequent. Two children were killed and a Chinese was injured in a suicide attack on […]