Day: August 20, 2021

Taliban shot dead a relative of a Western journalist

Berlin Taliban fighters have begun targeting the US and NATO allies and Western media. The Taliban claimed to be media friendly but shot dead a relative of a Western journalist who was not involved in the raid. Terrorists raided the house of a journalist working in Germany. A relative of a journalist has been shot […]

Taliban militants search home for US supporters

Kabul, Friday 20 August 2021 With the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, the announcement that it will not retaliate against anyone is becoming a matter of dust. Indeed, Taliban terrorists are conducting door-to-door investigations of US military supporters in Afghanistan. These supporters, the Taliban who are not coming out, are killing their families. Ryan Fazers, a […]

Starlink satellite survived 1,400 collisions in space

California, Ta. 20Elon Musk’s company SpaceX launched Starlink’s project to provide fast internet to the world, under which about 1500 Starlink satellites have been launched.The University of South Upton conducted a study on the matter, which claimed that Starlink satellites launched to provide fast internet to the world are now causing trouble in space. The […]