Day: August 12, 2021

US corona cases and death toll forecast for the month

Scientists warn of rising corona cases in Britain Tokyo’s uncontrollable Corona Paralympics will be without spectators The number of new cases of corona in the world doubled in just six months WASHINGTON: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that a highly contagious delta variant could lead to a sharp increase […]

Poetry in stone |

The city on a summer evening: On the famous and deserted market square of Marienberg, in the shadow of the monument to the sinister Duke Henri le Pieux, is another work of art. About two meters high, in dark and multicolored serpentine stone: the sculpture “The falling water” … The city on a summer evening: […]

Invitation to Taliban to come to power in Afghanistan

Taliban capture 11 provinces, all police stations in the north As the situation worsens, the Afghan government is on its knees The Taliban are now in Sarkar Bhinso, just 130 km from Kabul. US raises fears of Taliban militants possessing Afghan military weapons, tanks and other ammunition Afghanistan seeks Qatar’s help for mediation to persuade […]

PSR and Sputnik nominated for the awards |

Private Saxon broadcaster Radio PSR has been nominated for the German Radio Award in the “Best Morning Show” category for its “Steffen-Lukas-Show” program. The broadcaster announced that the award will be presented in Hamburg on September 2. For Radio PSR, this would be the 5th radio prize, which in the industry is the most important […]

Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter declares herself a “leftist girl”

Italian politician Alessandra Mussolini poses with an inscription in favor of the bill against homophobia in Italy | Photo: Reproduction / Facebook / Alessandra Mussolini Former Italian senator Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, declared herself “left” and confirmed her support for causes such as the criminalization of homophobia and transphobia. The information […]

From Savior to Deleted Fantast |

Oscar Wilde classified Herbert George Wells as “Jules Verne scientist”. For him, however, the colleague never belonged to the group of serious writers. His prejudices have proven to be extremely stubborn. When you hear Wells’ name, you inevitably think of science fiction novels like “The Time Machine” or “The First People on the Moon” … […]

Robin takes on bisexuality in new DC story

DC Comics Confirms New Version of Batman Partner Robin “Dating Boys” | Photo: Wikimedia Commons Robin, Batman’s famous comic book superhero partner, revealed himself as bisexual in the magazine’s latest issue. In Batman: Urban Legends # 6, written by Meghan Fritzmartin and illustrated by Belen Ortega, Tim Drake (the 3rd generation of the hero Robin) […]