Day: August 10, 2021

Vide Est: “Spaceman” by Lukas Rietzschel |

Leipzig (dpa) – Jan Nowak, 30, lives in Kamenz in Saxony. Germany does not extend much further east. He works at the hospital, but it should close soon. Otherwise, the life of Jan, the title hero of Lukas Rietzschel’s new novel “Raumfahrer”, is characterized by losses. The mother is dead, drowned miserably in alcohol. The […]

Google One VPN is now available in Spain

Google’s storage service, Google One, comes with additional benefits beyond increasing the space you have available to store your photos, emails, and more. One of them is the VPN service, which is now available in Spain and a few other countries. Google announced its Google One VPN last year, although it was only launched for […]

Measures against the fourth corona wave

Timo Ulrichs in conversation with Dieter Kassel Vorpommern-Greifswald district: Vaccinations were also carried out here on the beach. Much is being done in Germany to convince hesitant citizens of the pike. (picture alliance / dpa / Stefan Sauer) Another federal-state cycle will decide what to do next with Corona. The epidemiologist Timo Ulrichs relies above […]