Day: August 6, 2021

How Critical Race Theory Threatens U.S. Security

Critical race theory could end up dividing even the US military Photo: Dragunov1981 / Pixabay I asked my parents what they would think theoretically if I joined the military. As Americans proud of their country and having the utmost respect for the armed forces of the United States, I certainly imagined that they would have […]

Susanne Bormann and an inhuman decision |

: Mrs Bormann, train passengers have to make life decisions in a short time. If you weigh the pros and cons, the GDR and the FRG are presented as ambivalent. Was it this approach that attracted you? : Mrs Bormann, train passengers have to make life decisions in a short time. If you weigh the […]

More than 300 Taliban killed, 125 injured in Afghanistan

The army was successful in thwarting the Taliban in several areas. Taliban kills Afghan media chief, government orders troops to respond aggressively Army carried out air strikes on terrorists in many areas including Nagarhar, Laghman, Ghazni, Kandhari Kabul: More than 300 Taliban terrorists have been killed in the operation conducted by the Afghan army in […]

The Minotaur, Ariadne and the myth

Theseus and the Minotaur in the Labyrinth | Photo: Illustration by Edward Burne-Jones / 1861 The Minotaur was an insatiable creature who lived in a labyrinth. According to tradition, the half-man, half-bull monster devoured anyone who ventured into its domains – a prison trap erected to keep the animal trapped while ensuring that unsuspecting or […]

Banks accused of funding terrorists in Afghanistan

Washington, Ta. 3A total of 117 American families have sensationally alleged that Taliban militants in Afghanistan were funded by Deutsche Bank of Germany and Standard Chartered Company of Britain.A total of 117 families, including families of US military personnel and non-Americans, filed a joint lawsuit in a US court alleging that two reputable finance companies […]

so you can quickly scroll through a video

Late last year, YouTube changed the behavior of the progress bar to avoid those unintentional touches that move the playback, requiring us to hold down to go forward or backward. Well, now Google is improving this move to make it easier to do. Thanks to the latest beta of YouTube, we see how Google activates […]