Day: August 3, 2021

PepsiCo sells Tropicana and other juices for $3.3 billion

The company sold Tropica in 1998 for 3 billion . bought in Leading beverage company with 39% non-controlling stake in new joint venture with private equity partners New York: PepsiCo Tropicana and Other Juice have sold their businesses to private equity firms for $3.3 billion. The New York-based company will have a 39% non-controlling stake […]

Corona raised its head again in Wuhan, China

UAE to lift restrictions on transit flights to several countries, including India More than ten thousand corona patients are hospitalized daily in Florida for two days 70 percent of Americans got single dose of corona vaccine in America Washington: With the re-emergence of the corona epidemic in Wuhan city of China, the testing of 11 […]

Vegans may be exempt from compulsory vaccination

Vegans cannot be required to be vaccinated in the UK. Photo: André Coelho / Agence EFE Vegans will be exempt from requiring companies to vaccinate their employees in the UK. In the country, their beliefs are protected by labor law, according to legal experts interviewed by The Telegraph newspaper. A spokesperson for Lewis Silkin, a […]

“Our strength is in fact analog” |

The Schneeberg School of Applied Arts in the Ore Mountains has a new international touch: Hannes Vereecke has been the Dean of the Faculty of the West Saxon University of Zwickau since the end of June. The predecessor Jacob Strobel no longer stood for election. Until now, Vereecke led the musical instrument making course at […]

Wisdom – Growing in life

Judith Glück in conversation with Nicole Dittmer Openness and willingness to embrace other perspectives – two factors that belong to wisdom. (Unsplash / Faye Cornish) The oldest, the wisest? This is not the case, says Judith Glück. The psychologist has been researching wisdom for years, which does not necessarily increase with age. In order for […]