Day: July 31, 2021

Indian jailed for 15 months in US money laundering case

Washington: An Indian truck driver in the United States has been sentenced to 16 months in prison and fined 4,710 in a money laundering and firearms case, the Justice Department said. Indiana’s Lovepreet Singh was convicted in March of a money laundering case. He admitted that he accepted the money on behalf of the other […]

Cuba records more than 8,800 Covid-19 cases in 24 hours

| Photograph: Cuba recorded this Saturday 8,875 new cases of Covid-19, the second highest number of daily infections reported since the start of the pandemic, according to information from the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap). The country now has 384,596 cases and 2,758 deaths from covid-19, 65 of which were reported on Saturday (31). Read […]

Pakistani women lawmakers demand public execution of rapists

Islamabad: Pakistani women lawmakers have unanimously demanded that all rapists be hanged publicly to reduce the increasing number of cases of abuse of women and children in the country. According to a local newspaper, the demand was made in the National Assembly by women members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan […]

Drone attack on oil tanker near Oman: US

Dubai, Ta. 21An Israeli oil tanker was attacked at sea near Oman. How the attack happened has also come to the fore. The US has said that there was no drone strike.An oil tanker owned by an Israeli company was attacked in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Oman. Two employees died in the […]

You will not be able to log in from September

Whenever a new system update arrives or a new update to your favorite app, security enhancements are coming to protect our data from possible attacks, so when we are using very old versions we are not not protected. And that’s what Google will start avoiding starting in September, as the company announced that in just […]

Atrophied Discussion Culture: Politycki Moves to Vienna |

“We all have a lot to lose”: Matthias Politycki strongly criticized the current discussion culture in Germany. The writer drew conclusions for himself. Hamburg / Vienna (dpa) – Writer Matthias Politycki (“Weiberroman”, “In 180 Days Around the World”) criticizes a stunted discussion culture in Germany, a leftist identity politics and the genesis of the language […]

Spain now imposes quarantine on Brazilian passengers

Since August 3, Brazil joins South Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Namibia as countries at high risk of transmission of Covid-19. Photo: Bigstock The Spanish Ministry of Health has added Brazil and South Africa to the Covid-19 list of countries at high risk of transmission. As a result, from August 3, travelers from these countries […]