Day: July 29, 2021

Film Festival: Interpretation Award for Claudia Michelsen |

German actress Claudia Michelsen is honored with the Acting Art Award at the Ludwigshafen German Film Festival. Ludwigshafen / Berlin (dpa) – Multiple Grimme Prize winner Claudia Michelsen will this year, alongside Ulrich Matthes, receive the Drama Prize at the Ludwigshafen German Film Festival. The 52-year-old is “one of the great actresses of German cinema, […]

Gerhard Roth: “About the man”

By Volkart Wildermut “We are not one me, but several, perhaps several ego states,” writes Gerhard Roth. (Suhrkamp / Deutschlandradio) In his latest book “Über den Menschen”, Gerhard Roth takes stock. A thesis: wanting to recognize your true self is hopeless. The neuroscientist and philosopher, however, lacks evidence. There is no “I”, no “free will”, […]

the navigator of your nature adventures

Ever since Android Auto banned third-party apps, browsers kept reaching our car’s screen after several years where the only options were Google Maps and Waze. After the recent additions of Coyote and Mapfactor, it is now necessary to add Gaia GPS to the list of browsers compatible with Android Auto. Gaia GPS is one of […]

Vaccination – How to convince the precarious

Eva-Maria Bitzer in conversation with Axel Rahmlow Vaccination protects very well against severe changes in Covid-19. Yet many do not know if they want to be vaccinated. (Unsplash.com / Towfiqu barbhuiya) Many are reluctant to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Dr Eva-Maria Bitzer advises anyone who advocates for vaccination and wants to convince these people to […]

Israeli authorities raid Pegasus maker NSO Group

Tel Aviv / Mexico City, DTU Reports that Pegasus software spied thousands of people around the world have sent shock waves through governments around the world. The controversy resonated globally, with Israeli officials raiding the offices of Pegasus software maker NSO Group on Thursday. Meanwhile, Mexico’s top security official said the country’s two former governments […]

What the protests in Cuba tell us about the left agenda

Hundreds of Cubans took to the streets of Havana shouting “freedom” during peaceful protests, which were intercepted by security forces and government-backed brigades, resulting in violent clashes and arrests. Photo credit: EFE / Ernesto Mastrascusa While the American left explicitly defends socialism, it is good to keep in mind how far this frightening system has […]

Brandauer arrives at Bad Elster |

Show. Highlights of this year’s 21st Chursächsische Festspiele (September 10 to October 3) include a reading of Wagner by Klaus Maria Brandauer, announced the Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH. The stage and film star will be seen on September 19. Other highlights of the polyphonic festival program include an evening theater with Ben Becker (September 11), with […]