Day: July 25, 2021

The Addams Family: Horror on the Greifenstein |

Cult is cult, and it should not be weakened: the ensemble of the Winterstein Theater Annaberg-Buchholz stuck to the well-known model for the premiere of their musical version of “The Addams Family” on Saturday and were right: seats were sold out, people of all ages traveled from the … Cult is cult, and it should […]

Leonids: In the shadow of the Chemnitz cosmonauts |

Finally, concerts again on the Schlossteichinsel: As the opening act for two open-air club Atomino events this summer, local indie pop group Power Plush, rapper Layla and, headlining group Leoniden were scheduled to perform. in Chemnitz deliberately remembering the Kosmonaut festival: With their … Finally, concerts again on the Schlossteichinsel: As the opening act for […]

Parliamentary report reveals women being harassed in the British Army

Former officers also accused him of sexual harassment 64% of former women officers, 58% of current officers admitted that they had faced harassment. LONDON: Sixty-four female officers serving in the United Kingdom’s defense forces and 58 percent of women currently serving have admitted to having faced harassment, harassment and discrimination during their careers in the […]

Kick-off in Bayreuth: the Wagner Festival has started

Bayreuth (AP) – It was women’s night in Bayreuth: after her debut at the premiere of the new production at the Richard Wagner Festival on Sunday evening, the conductor Oksana Lyniv was enthusiastically celebrated which was the first woman conducting an opera at the famous festival, one for the other debutante from Bayreuth: The Lituanien […]