Day: July 24, 2021

Taliban lists all girls over 15 in Afghanistan

Taliban agree to forcibly marry terrorists Video of Taliban militants brutally dragging an Afghan girl from home goes viral Kabul: The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse day by day. Taliban terrorists are treating women very brutally. There have been incidents of girls being dragged from home. Meanwhile, Taliban militants have also prepared a list […]

Cuban dictatorship sentences teenager to 8 months in prison

Gabriela Zequeira, 17, an accounting student, was sentenced to 8 months in prison for “public disorder”. Photo: Family Archives A 17-year-old girl was sentenced by a Cuban dictatorship court for allegedly participating in protests against the regime, which took place on July 11. Accounting student Gabriela Zequeira was sentenced to 8 months in prison for […]

Jinping discussed with the soldiers near the Indian border, what about the preparations for the war?

Lhasa (Tibet), Saturday, July 24, 2021 The Chinese President stressed the need for Tibet’s local forces to train troops, prepare for war, and work for Tibet’s long-term stability, prosperity and development. Highly placed Chinese military officials are reaching Lhasa with them. The Global Times reported that Jinping met senior officials of the Chinese military’s Tibet […]

Bayreuth Festival organizes the 3D “Parsifal” |

Bayreuth (dpa) – Technical revolution on the Green Hill: The Bayreuth Festival is based on virtual reality (VR) and plans a “Parsifal” with 3D elements. American director Jay Scheib, a professor at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is set to stage Richard Wagner’s last opera in Bayreuth in 2023. “At the best of […]