Day: July 23, 2021

Mono Inc: Sinister, simple, symphonic |

A cool blue light plays around the disheveled white crow bird, which is oversized in the background of the scene. The spotlight turns, the rays of light pierce the fog on the otherwise empty stage next to an unoccupied battery. Then a vocal duo comes out of the speakers, which is endowed with a lot […]

For eternity

In mid-June 2021, the musical zombies come out of their crypts. Eyes on fire, they stare at the spotlight and the crowd of much-missed music lovers. Stunted hearts are rekindled in no time. Maybe the pianist’s fingers are still a bit rusty and the singer has several difficulties getting the words out of his mind. […]

This week on Apple TV +: Ted Lasso is back!

There isn’t much more to say today, right? After several previews and announcements, the one that has become the star Apple TV + series ‘Ted Lasso’ returns with its second season. If you’re a subscriber to the service, you can already watch the first chapter, with the rest of the episodes appearing every Friday. Jon […]