Day: July 22, 2021

Google confirms the first models

When Google introduced Wear OS 3 last May as a new unified platform, a very important question remained unanswered: will they update Wear OS 2.0 watches to Wear OS 3? Well, we finally have an answer. Google has already decided what to do with the current Wear OS watches that are on sale in the […]

Amy Winhouse: A Painful Love Journey In The Dark

Amy Winehouse was every tabloid journalist’s wet dream: beautiful, talented, with a career from taxi driver to millionaire – and yet not happy. The woman with the iconic beehive hairstyle has hardly escaped scandal. The drugs, the alcohol, the rise to heaven, the deep fall on the disaster scene – there was always something to […]

Unexplained heroic death

Swiss musician Antonia Stern (1891-1961) had two great loves in her life: Albert Einstein and Hans Beimler. As the daughter of a professor of Jewish history who left Germany for Switzerland in the 1870s, she turned to the Communists after Hitler came to power and worked for the “Rote Hilfe “in Zurich. It was there […]

OnePlus Buds Pro, ‘premium’ TWS headphones with active noise cancellation and long battery life

The OnePlus Buds TWS earphones receive a generational transfer to extend their functionality: the OnePlus Buds Pro are now official. Attractive design, active noise cancellation, wireless charging case and more. Not only was the OnePlus Nord 2 the protagonist of the presentation the brand made today, but its sound division also strengthens its position with […]

Angela Merkel arrives in Bayreuth |

For a long time, it was not clear whether festival regular Angela Merkel would come to the opening. But the Chancellor remains loyal to Bayreuth. Bayreuth (dpa) – Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) comes to Bayreuth for the festival during the last year of her mandate. The city of Bayreuth announced that it was one of […]