Day: July 20, 2021

Jeff Bezos travels to space aboard New Shapard

Jeff Bezos leaves the capsule after Blue Origin New Shepard | Photo: Publicity / Blue Origin / Agência EFE / Gazeta do Povo Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and the richest person in the world, traveled to space with three companions aboard the Blue Origin Company’s New Shepard rocket which reached 351,210 feet (107 kilometers) […]

Academy Announces Decision on Büchner Prize 2021 |

It is one of the most important prizes in German-language literature: today the Academy of Language and Poetry announces who will receive the Georg Büchner Prize in 2021. Darmstadt (dpa) – The German Academy for Language and Poetry announced on Tuesday which writer will receive the 2021 Georg Büchner Prize. According to an academy spokesperson, […]

Clemens J. Setz receives the Georg Büchner Prize |

It is considered the most important award for German-language literature. Günter Grass received it, Heinrich Böll and Christa Wolf also received it. This year, an Austrian receives the Georg Büchner Prize. Darmstadt (dpa) – Austrian writer Clemens J. Setz receives the 2021 Georg Büchner Prize. This was announced by the German Academy for Language and […]

The strategy of siege of Afghanistan by the Taliban

The Taliban will regain their grip on Afghanistan, in what, unfortunately, is only a matter of time. The subject has already been discussed here in our space and is, for obvious reasons, a constant presence in international news. Afghan history, since Antiquity, shows the reason for the nickname “Cemetery of Empires”. And the way Bush […]

Andrew Lloyd Webber Cancels ‘Cinderella’ Launch |

The set is doing well, but an extra had a positive test result. The start of “Cinderella” must be postponed, the employees isolate themselves. London (AP) – Andrew Lloyd Webber has canceled the debut of his new musical “Cinderella” in London, which was scheduled for release this week. The reason was a positive coronavirus case […]

what do we know about the software that was allegedly used to spy on journalists and activists

An investigation by an international newspaper consortium, published on Sunday (18), found that software created by an Israeli company capable of hacking phones could be used in several countries to spy on thousands of people, including journalists, opposition activists and politicians. The software at the heart of the investigation is the Pegasus spyware, which was […]

Pedro Castillo proclaimed President-elect of Peru

Pedro Castillo, President-elect of Peru, July 19 | Photo: EFE / Paolo Aguilar Left-wing candidate Pedro Castillo was proclaimed president-elect of Peru on Monday, a month and a half after winning the second round of elections against right-wing politician Keiko Fujimori, who filed more than 1,000 demands to challenge the result alleging a suspected fraud. […]