Day: July 20, 2021

State of Veracruz, Mexico decriminalizes abortion

| Photo: Bigstock Congress in the state of Veracruz, Mexico on Tuesday approved legal reforms to decriminalize abortion within 12 weeks of pregnancy. With the legal changes, the state becomes the fourth in the country to decriminalize abortion, after Mexico City, Oaxaca and, recently, Hidalgo. With 25 votes in favor, including a majority of the […]

Peter Maffay announces new album |

Single release “Every end will be a beginning” just released With the release of a new song, Peter Maffay (71) has announced his next album. The single “Each end will be a beginning” catches the eye with its acoustic guitar and reduced instrumentation. The corresponding album, “So far”, is due for release on September 10, […]

Cuban protesters stand trial without due process

Graffiti on construction in Havana, capital of Cuba, on July 20. Cuban demonstrators are tried without due process, denounces NGO | Photo: EFE / Ernesto Mastrascusa / Gazeta do Povo Hundreds of protesters detained in Cuba will face trial in “police cases” that violate the right to due process and effective defense, said Prisioners Defenders, […]

When the madman straightened the world |

Yes, it’s a rush, and yes, we can’t repeat it enough, especially in view of today’s films: With a strong script around an intelligent story, everything goes on the screen! Even Without Money: Director Richard Kelly had a meager four and a half million dollars at the end of the 90s to … Yes, it’s […]

Space tourism – Major Tom next door

Henry Keazor in conversation with Gesa Ufer Step up: Jeff Bezos took off from the ground in Texas on Tuesday – and returned again. (picture alliance / dpa / AP / Tony Gutierrez) Two American billionaires have taken to space. A space tourism industry could soon emerge. The danger of this only affecting the children […]

Unwanted sound

No, a boys’ choir does not have to accept girls. The Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court recently ruled and ultimately rejected the appeal of high-profile lawyer Susann Bräcklein. Two years ago, she wanted to sue her daughter in the state and cathedral choir, whose girl boss Kai-Uwe Jirka had rejected for “artistic reasons”. The mother has […]

Spread the financial risk of storm damage

Christian Kuhlicke in conversation with Liane von Billerbeck The water destroyed houses and infrastructure, like here in Sinzig, in the district of Ahrweiler. (picture alliance / dpa / Thomas Frey) The floods have caused billions of damage in Germany – and not for the first time. Risk researcher Christian Kuhlicke has long called for compulsory […]

Berlin Humboldt Forum opens |

Berlin (dpa) – So much Prussia has not been in the heart of Berlin for a long time. The central pleasure garden of the famous Museum Island is once again surrounded by the walls of the historical system: the armory, today the shell of the German Historical Museum, was once the arsenal of the army. […]