Day: July 19, 2021

How the Communist Party is killing religious freedom in China

Amid pandemic restrictions coupled with allegations of genocide in Xinjiang, the year 2020 saw members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) vigorously prepare the population to participate in the party’s centenary celebrations. To project the image of a unified China, government authorities pressured religious leaders across the country to evangelize the glories of the CCP’s […]

A curatorial caddy full of bold modern art |

What kind of a headline could that be, “Free State Buys World’s Biggest Golf Course!” It would not be wrong – but misleading: the “Grünau Golf Resort” is an art project by Daniel Theiler from Leipzig. He chose Grünau, the city’s largest prefabricated construction area, as his playground and effectively created golf holes there in […]

Bite at the top of the board

They do not hesitate for long: “Let the beast free”, claims the singer Karsten Brill alias Attila Dorn after only a few lines in “Faster Than The Flame” and already gives the metal band Powerwolf with the first track of the new album “Call Of The Wild “the motto of the entire disc – full […]

Humboldt Forum with six exhibitions |

Berlin (dpa) – According to its managing director Hartmut Dorgerloh, the Berlin Humboldt Forum wants to face critical debates about its own work in the future. The main topic is “dealing with colonialism and the continuing effects of imperial and colonial appropriation and exploitation of the world to this day,” Dorgerloh said on Monday, a […]