Day: July 17, 2021

Argentina opens procedure to purchase 10,000 wooden penises

Building of the Argentine Ministry of Health in Buenos Aires | Photo: BigStock The Argentinian Ministry of Health has opened a public tender for the purchase of materials including 10,000 polished wooden penises for use in health and sexually transmitted disease prevention campaigns. Purchase of the products, which also include condom cases and dispensers, has […]

PCdoB says there is no violent crackdown in Cuba

Man arrested during protests in Havana (Cuba) on July 11, 2021. | Photo: Ernesto Mastrascusa / Agência EFE / Gazeta do Povo The Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) has made a series of posts on its social media about the recent protests in Cuba. Party messages contain false information and distortions regarding the situation, as […]