Day: July 14, 2021

[ODA’s second catcher’s line of sight]Does the electric shock transfer “Sumitani Ross” bother the giant?Reinforcement of Zubari for Rakuten with a shortage of catchers

It’s been a while since I was shocked by the trade during the season. Ginjiro Sumitani, a 33-year-old catcher, trades money from a giant to Rakuten. Even in different leagues, if a catcher who keeps the team’s confidentiality such as between batteries or a garrison formation sign is transferred, the transferring team will need to […]

The calamities that led the Cubans to face the dictatorship

Something really amazing has just happened in Cuba. For the first time in 62 years that the Castro dynasty turned the island into a totalitarian dystopia, Cubans have taken to the streets across the island, denouncing their repressive government and demanding freedom. Protesters could be seen on YouTube and social media chanting “freedom”, “down with […]