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2021 North Korea requires a permit to make one international call (1/3 page)

To make a call overseas, call the counter, give the other party’s phone number, and have the operator connect you. Sometimes you can connect immediately, sometimes you have to wait for hours, and the charge is extremely high at several thousand yen for 3 minutes, so it is not easy to make a call — Japan’s international call situation until the end of the Showa period was such a thing. ..

It was an inconvenient era when you could easily make a call anywhere in the world without worrying about charges or border walls using messenger apps.

However, even now in 2021, there are countries with higher hurdles to make international calls than in Japan 40 years ago. It is none other than North Korea.

In the first place, international calls can only be made by traders and other people who are recognized as needing to make overseas calls for business purposes, and overseas Chinese in North Korea. Such incredible regulations have been tightened further, the US government-affiliated Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported.

Pyongyang sources reported that regulations on international calls have recently been tightened.

Taking overseas Chinese as an example, in the past, you could take a Chinese passport to an international communication center or a hotel in Pyongyang and use the telephone installed to make an international call. Even though it was tapped, I was able to talk relatively freely. Since it started this year, the procedure has become very complicated.

I went around the cave office (terminal government agency), branch office (police box), and security department (secret police) in my area, had a communication confirmation issued in advance, purchased an international call card, and finally made a call. It changed to a mechanism that can be done. The charge per minute was also raised from $ 7 (about 770 yen) to $ 10 (about 1100 yen), and you have to purchase a $ 100 (about 11,000 yen) card to talk for 10 minutes. It doesn’t become.


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