A shocking incident has come to light in Lahore, Pakistan. A 14-year-old boy suffering from pubic addiction shot dead four people including his mother and siblings.
According to Lahore Police, 9-year-old health worker Nahid Mubarak was trying to persuade his 12-year-old son to leave PUBG. Time and again mother, elder brother and sister used to persuade 15 year old boy not to play PUBG. The boy was having a dispute with his mother, sister and brother regarding this matter for the last one year.
The boy eventually hatched a conspiracy to kill the family that had come between Pabji. After a year of conspiracy, the boy shot dead his mother Nahir Mubarak, his 18-year-old sister Mahnoor, his 9-year-old Fatima and his 21-year-old brother Taimur.
The boy killed one after the other in such a way that he got slightly injured. The police were also surprised by the things raised during the interrogation. The boy killed the whole family because of his addiction to PUBG. The police has arrested the accused juvenile and is taking further action.