Belgian-born British female pilot Zara Rutherford has created history by flying a single-handed plane around the world. Zara is the world’s youngest female pilot to fly solo. He completed the journey in 15 days. He started his journey on 15th August.
Zara Rutherford sets a world record by flying solo. After a long journey of 15 days, she reached Cortijk in Belgium. His journey started from this city on 15 August 2021. Belgian-born Zara Rutherford lives in Britain. It was again on five continents with a smaller aircraft. He traveled to 52 countries. Zara completed a total of 21 thousand kilometers in 15 days.
The previous record for solo global flight was held by American female pilot Shaista Wise. Shaesta toured the world alone in 2012 at the age of 70. During the flight, Zara Rutherford saw the terrible California fire from the sky. The Russian assassin experienced a cold. It also passed through dangerous North Korean airspace.
Zara said after setting the record: “I have taken this initiative to bring more and more girls into aviation.” I wanted to encourage young women. Huge opportunities are being created for women in the aviation sector.
This achievement would see Zara Rutherford listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s youngest female pilot. The overall record was set last year by 19-year-old British pilot Travis Ludlow. The young British man covered a distance of 21,000 kilometers in 4 days.