Everything seems to indicate that the new Apple Watch Series 7 will have a larger screen, this is something that has been hearing for several months. Now, Mark Gurman has given exact details on the new sizes, 16% larger than the previous generation, and the exclusive dials designed to take advantage of the increase.

The second resize in Apple Watch history

According to information published by Bloomberg, the increase of one millimeter to reach the box sizes of 41 and 45 mm refers to the vertical dimension. With this increase, the largest of the Apple Watch will have a screen of 1.9 inches against 1.78 currently. With this, the resolution will drop from 368×448 to 396×484 pixels, an increase of 16% compared to the current generation.

This increase in size will be accompanied by new exclusive dials that will benefit from it. Bloomberg was even able to find out the names:

Modular Max: This dial will display the time in digital format next to a small complication and just below several large complications, one below the other, occupying the entire width of the watch. An improvement over the current Modular showing only one major complication. Continuum: A sphere that will change “according to the passage of time and the present hour”. World time sphere: A sphere which receives the name of Atlas or World Timer internally and which will show us the 24 time zones simultaneously. An internal dial will display the time zones, while an external dial will display the time at each location. It can be configured to display the time in digital or analog. A sphere that leaked during the last WWDC and can be seen in the image above. Hermès and Nike spheres: Spheres associated with the bracelets with which we buy the Apple Watch. In the first case, the numbers that change at different times and in the second, the numbers that move according to our movement.

I’m not sure that means the new watch can’t use old straps, but yes stores are running out of current 40 / 44mm straps. Stock is also low for larger capacity iPhones and 8th generation iPads. Apple is also pushing eSIM activation training to retail staff ahead of new phones. https://t.co/IKXcvV0XcS

– Mark Gurman (@markgurman) September 2, 2021

Regarding the straps of the new Apple Watch and its compatibility with older straps, there is a lot of conflicting information. On the one hand, Mark Gurman himself acknowledges that stores are seeing stocks of 40/44 mm belts running low. Some leakers, such as Max Weinbach, claim that the new straps “will not be compatible with older Apple watches.”

If we pay attention to the information, the increase in size of the new Apple Watch is vertical, which should maintain compatibility. However, just because the new bracelets are not compatible with the old models does not mean that the old bracelets are not compatible with the new Apple Watch. Apple retained compatibility in the latest watch size increase, with Series 4, so it could repeat the game.

For now, we can only wait for Apple to send out the invitations to the new Apple Watch presentation event. There, we can get out of doubt and see with our own eyes all the novelties of the new models. An invitation that should arrive on September 7.