Apple has ditched its multiple wireless charger, but other companies are determined to prove the concept more than viable. Samsung has the Wireless Charger Trio, Xiaomi has its own 20W triple charger and now it’s Huawei’s turn, with its wireless charger for up to three devices at the same time.

With more and more devices supporting wireless charging in its catalog, Huawei has announced a charger that will be able to charge three at the same time: mobile, headset and smartwatch. It’s a concept quite similar to Xiaomi’s latest triple charger, although a bit less ambitious and a bit more expensive.

One charger for everything

Huawei already has its multiple wireless charger ready, under the name Huawei Multi-device Wireless Charging Pad, at least according to the literal translation from Chinese. It is the same concept of an elongated plate in which you can more or less freely place the devices you want to charge, with your choice between mobile, tablets, headphones and smartwatch.

The trick behind this freedom of positioning lies in the induction coils distributed over their surface in three layers. Although Huawei did not share the technical specifications of the charger, in the previous diagram we see that it would be 13 coils, some less than Xiaomi’s multi charger, which has 19, but more than the one. from Samsung, which has 6.

Since there is a “weave” of coils on the surface, it doesn’t matter how you position the device so that it has access to a supported fast charge, which is 15W maximum per device. That is, if you charge three devices at the same time, the maximum supported load is 45W in total.

It should be noted that Huawei claims that 15W fast charging is available on Huawei phones, tablets, smartwatches and headphones, although it supports 10W Qi wireless charging for devices from other brands. . The charger has various protection systems – for example, if there is a metallic object on its surface – and includes battery overcharge protection.

Availability and prices

Huawei’s multi-charger can be pre-purchased in China from September 10, 2021 and will officially go on sale on September 17. Its official price is 799 yuan, or 104 euros at the exchange rate.

Via | Gizmochine