The weekend is a great time to sit comfortably in front of our audio systems, amplifiers, speakers and headphones and listen to some music, both our favorite songs and the new trends or styles that usually come out of our circle. comfort.

On other occasions, we have recommended different lists of styles such as rock, pop, electronics, vocal themes or even specific themes to test the sound material. Today I propose to get closer to the world of Folk, Country and Bluegrass for all audiences with affordable, modern and easy to listen groups and songs to deepen this musical style and which cannot be missing in our collection.

To listen to them, you can go directly to the list on Spotify two paragraphs below, or if you like music with visual accompaniment, watch the official YouTube videos of the songs selected at the end of the article, most live and in acoustic format.

Finally, after the 15 main songs, we have as a bonus a curious final video featuring North American comedians Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, Ed Helms and Jason Batemana performing “Hopeless Wanderer” from the group Mumford & Sons, which has become very popular. popular a few years ago in the networks and it deserves to be included in this compilation.

Les Frères Frères – “The Song of the Sirens”

Mandolin Orange – “Maison de Pierre”

Album: This Side of Jordan

The Lonely Heartstring Band – “Until I Cross That Line”

Nickel Creek – “Where’s the love now”

The Lonely Heartstring group – “Sophia”

Mipso – “A couple of acres greener”

Mypso – “Louise”

Mypso “When I’m gone”

The Lonely Heartstring group – “The Tide”

Mypso – “Marianne”

The Lonely Heartstrings Band – “If I Had a Hammer”

Boom Forest – “Wood splitting”

Jon and Roy – “Every night”

Mandolin Orange – “Old Ties And Companions”

Mandolin Orange – “End of September”

Album: Tides Of A Teardrop (Std Edition)

Bonus track: Mumford & Sons – “Hopeless Wanderer”