Apps are essential to empowering our devices and being able to do more. Choosing the best apps for the tasks we want to perform is always the key and, at the same time, a very personal choice. Let’s take a look at, in general, fourteen apps that we consider essential for our new iPad.

Apps for office, writing, notes, photo editing and more

It’s true that recommending apps that are right for all of us is next to impossible. However, let us encourage us to see some benchmark applications both in the field of office automation and writing, as in note taking, photo retouching and illustration, music creation and content consumption. Let’s get started.

Pages, Numbers and Keynote: three applications that make up Apple’s office suite. The equivalents of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, respectively, completely free and full of possibilities to shape our texts, spreadsheets and presentations. iA Writer: A reference application for writing articles, scripts, books, etc. An application in which simplicity prevails, since we hardly find more than a blank sheet where, using the MarkDown format, we will capture our texts. GoodNotes 5: A note taking app. Whether it’s handwritten notes, photos, texts or small illustrations, the structure of GoodNotes notebooks allows us to organize any information. With a great handwritten text recognition engine that allows us to search for the text we handwrite in this app, along with our Apple Pencil, GoodNotes 5 turns our iPad into our digital notepad. Affinity Photo: The ultimate photo editing app. From the company Serif, Affinity Photo is likened to Photoshop, but one-time payment and extremely optimized to work on Apple platforms. An application with which all retouching, from taking a panorama with individual photos to changing the lighting of an image, is done in real time. To procreate: we continue with the creative applications. In this case, we are in front of an excellent drawing application. One in which the multitude of brush options, including those that we can create in a personalized way, as well as the customization options and the stroke animation engine allow us to create real works of art. GarageBand: Another application from the Apple catalog with which we can create music. Excellent if we have a MIDI keyboard, because from different tracks we can play any instrument, choir, orchestra and create complete songs with only our iPad. Disney +, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max: four apps that we include in the content section. Four applications from the four major benchmark streaming services in the world. Each with its catalog offer to which we can subscribe to enjoy series and films directly on our iPad. Telegram: We are all familiar with Telegram, the messaging app with which we can talk with our friends and follow groups and channels on different topics. Used to the lack of WhatsApp for iPad, many people are unaware that Telegram is running on our new iPad, ready to allow us to communicate comfortably without having to depend on our phone. Black: More than an application, it is a Safari extension. One with which dark mode is added to websites that don’t natively offer it. A simple application with a simple task that, without a doubt, we will enjoy reading at times.

And so far the list of applications with which we can release our new iPad. Applications which, as we can see, cover several fronts of what we can do with an iPad, from drawing or photo editing to office automation or streaming service series.

Image | Rahul chakraborty