A study by the World Data Lab found that more than 100 million people in Asia will be in the global middle class by the end of this decade. Currently, there has been a significant decline in the number of middle class due to Corona, but this number will increase again as its impact subsides.
In the coming years, the number of middle class will increase in countries like India-China-Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia. Although the corona pandemic has affected the middle class, the global middle class figure will rise again in the near future.
Generally, if one earns an average of 500 to 2000 rupees per day, then it is considered as middle class as per global standards. At present 150 million people in the world belong to the middle class. Before the Corona epidemic, it was expected that by 2020 another 500 million people would join the middle class, but the population of the middle class did not grow as much as was expected, because the epidemic has affected the income of the people.
According to a study by World Data Lab, another 100 million people from Asian countries including India, China and Bangladesh will join the middle class by 2020. This meant that the standard of living of more than 100 million people would improve over the next decade.
At present, half of the world’s middle class population is from Asian countries. Apart from this, countries like America-UK-France-Russia are included.