Android 12 has been official since last year, but it is possible that the update has not yet reached your mobile or is not directly expected. If you like Android 12 news and want to have it on your mobile, you can get some by installing the appropriate apps.

Here you’ll find ten new Android 12 features that you can get in a previous version through apps, to a greater or lesser extent. In some cases, they are almost exact clones: in others, with similar functionality.

The Privacy Dashboard

Android 12’s privacy panel (left) and app privacy panel (right)

One of the new features of Android 12 is the privacy panel, an exclusive section in mobile settings where it is shown which applications have accessed the camera, microphone and location, among other data.

If you want to have it on your mobile, the free Privacy Dashboard app is practically a clone with the same functionality. In addition to showing you usage statistics for these special permissions, it can also show you indicators overlaid on the screen when an app accesses your microphone, camera, or location.

Privacy Dashboard

Microphone and camera usage indicators

One of the new features in Android 12 are privacy indicators that visually display whenever an app accesses the camera, microphone, or location. The best copy of what they look like in Android 12 is in the previous app, Privacy Dashboard, but if all you want is the gauges, you can opt for Access Dots, which is easier.

Access Dots was released before Android 12, so its privacy indicators are more in the style of those released in iOS 14, more discreet and colorful. It is a free application but to unlock all functions you will have to pay.

Access Dots – Privacy Indicators Android 12/iOS 14

Developer: IJP Download it from: Google Play Price: Free Category: Tools

The smart rotation

In Google Pixels with Android 12, screen rotation can be smarter, using the front camera to rotate the screen -or not- depending on the face orientation of the person using the mobile. You won’t get exactly the same with apps, but you can precisely control when it spins or not.

Rotate is the ultimate screen rotation app. It’s not very user-friendly, but it gives you fine control over what screen rotation conditions, which apps you want to use with which rotation, and countless other options.

spin | Guidance Manager

one hand fashion

Android finally has an official one-handed mode, which “lowers” the top half of the screen so you can easily access it without having to readjust your phone or use your other hand. If you want something similar and your mobile doesn’t have it, the closest thing you’ll find is one-handed operation support.

One Hand Operation Support uses an ingenious system to provide similar functionality using a floating cat-shaped button. It’s not as comfortable as the native method, but given that it’s a third-party app, it’s the best you’ll find if you don’t prefer other solutions like virtual cursors.

Support for one-handed operations

Developer: Suiren Download it from: Google Play Price: Free Category: Tools

Scrolling captures

Scrolling captures officially arrived on Android with a long delay in Android 12, so if your mobile is not using pure Android, but a layer, it is quite possible that it can already take scrolling captures natively.

Otherwise, you can always rely on scrolling capture apps like LongShot. The app basically records a video as you scroll and then stitches it all together into a single image. There are sometimes small visual errors, but the overall result is more than acceptable.

LongShot for a long screenshot

Material You

Material You is one of the stars of Android 12: the method by which the interface of apps and the system changes depending on the colors of the wallpaper you are using at the time. Several developers have managed to create similar versions that work on older versions of Android, such as the Lawnchair launcher.

The Alpha version of Lawnchair Launcher can change its colors based on the wallpaper and otherwise it’s also a very similar launcher to the one that comes stock with Android 12. The only “downside” is that the colors don’t change. will not reach the entire system, but will remain in the launcher.

Lounge chair 12

Android 12 Widgets

With Android 12, a redesign of widgets has arrived, and the good news is that most of the new Google app widgets are available for older versions. In other words, you don’t need Android 12 to use the new Google Maps, Clock, Drive, Keep and Company widgets.

The only widget you will miss in previous versions is the weather widget, which you can get with the Android 12 Weather Widgets app. They are a carbon copy of the Android 12 weather widgets in their various forms and with several colors to choose from (although to change the color you will have to pay).

Android 12 weather widget

The icons

Material You color changes also affect app icons, which you can also have to some extent in older versions through apps. One way is to install one of the hundreds of Android 12-inspired icon packs from Google Play. The second is with the Theme Icons app.

Having the icons with colors will take patience, yes, as it is a somewhat tedious process. The app creates the icons for you which you then need to place in your launcher. From then on, they will adapt to the wallpaper you are using.

Theme icons

Easter eggs

Each version of Android has its own easter egg, and Android 12’s is quite simple: a clock that changes color and displays colored bubbles according to the colors of the system. If for some reason you want to have the Android 12 easter egg over previous versions, you can.

To do this, you need to install Easter Egg (Android 12) and open it. This is an identical clone of the Android 12 easter egg, which also includes the widget with the color palette. Of course, the colors used are based on those of the mobile wallpaper.

Easter Egg (Android 12)

the wallpapers

If all you want is Android 12 wallpapers – or rather, the Google Pixel with Android 12 – you have a few ways to get them. The Google wallpapers app can be installed on almost any mobile although it does not include the latest ones. You will find the backgrounds, for example, in our compilation of the best wallpapers.

Likewise, you have easy access to many of these backgrounds from the Android 12 Wallpaper app. The app is very simple, and while it doesn’t include all types of backgrounds (it’s mostly landscapes), setting any of the backgrounds is as easy as tapping a button.

Android 12 4K Wallpaper