Harbormaster can’t find seal-eating shark

Plymouth Harbormaster's boat

The Plymouth Harbormaster couldn’t find a shark off Stage Point, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

Harbormaster Chad Hunter spent “a couple of hours” looking from Manomet Point down to Churchill’s Landing for the shark that, according to a kayaker who reported it, attacked a seal.

He said the kayaker said she the attack occurred about 10 to 15 feet from her, which leads him to believe it was a credible sighting. “Very few animals attack seals. It kind of narrows it down,” he said.

The area where it happened is probably the greatest density of seals in the area, Hunter said. Seals are a main food source for great white sharks that have been seen off Chatham in recent months.

As the water off Manomet gets colder, the seal population will increase, he noted. And with it, the likelihood of sharks. “It’s something to watch out for,” Hunter said.

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Just a matter of time.....

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I was just down there at a friends house on Taylor Ave. We were in the yard around 6 pm when we heard a helicopter approaching from the north. The sound grew louder and louder until a State police chopper was hovering about 70 feet above our heads in the neighborhood. Few moments later someone in the helicopter announced on the public address loudspeaker that there was a shark sighted in the water. My friend and I walked to the beach and saw at least 3 law enforcement/Coast Guard type boats about 300ft out with their flashing lights. (apparently one of them was the harbor master) the boats seemed to circle around for a while as did the helicopter. Everyone around here knows there's a huge number of seals right around the point to the south of WHB. Perfect feeding grounds for great white sharks. And less than a quarter mile up the coast is the beach filled with swimmers.